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 PONs and Rough Collies


Qiannah di Cambiano                                                                        Come Steven of Lowlands Green Valley X Edith Piaf di Cambiano                CEA1, MDR1 Mutated Homozygous


1xBIS (Specialty), 1xBJIS (Specialty), 1xBPIS4th, 1xBOG4th, 3xBOB, 1xCAC

TOP ROUGH COLLIE PUPPY IN GREECE 2011according to the Greek Kennel Club's point system. 

Qiannah's Achievements

Qiannah's Pedigree


 Qiannah showing off in the main ring.

Once again, Maria Teresa Garabelli has entrusted me with a lovely Cambiano collie.  Not only is she a beautiful well constructed girl, but has an outstanding temperament.  Playful, adventurous, fearless with a sweet collie expression which makes your heart melt.  I honestly don't know how I will ever properly thank Maria Teresa for all she has done for me.

GR Ch. Wonderful Karma di Cambiano (Karma)        Rineweld Scout of Blue Serenade X Fattucchiera Nera di Cambiano                   CEA clear, MDR1 Mutated Homozygous 

Karma at 2 years old.  (photos taken by Lila Leventaki) 

2xBIS2nd (Specialty), 1xBOG2nd, 1xBOG3rd, 10xBOB, 9xCACIB, 13xCAC, 3xRCACIB, 3xRCAC 

TOP ROUGH COLLIE IN GREECE 2008 & 2009 according to the Greek Kennel Club's point system.

Karma's Achievements 

Karma's Pedigree


Karma in the main ring (Photo taken by Lila Leventaki).  Typical collie movement and a natural in the ring.        

I don't think I can ever thank Maria Teresa Garabelli (Cambiano Kennel, Italy) enough for all she has done for me.  How shall I thank her for giving me such a lovely girl and for all the assistance and guidance she has given me over the years?  I don't think I will ever find the words or the way - I can only hope that she knows that I am eternally in her debt.  54 years of breeding collies shows in the quality of her dogs.  Not only in conformation, but also in temperament - true to the English type.

GR Ch. Zeus Olimpo Nero di Cambiano                                 Gordon Classic in Black dell' Antica Eporedia X Rubasogni di Cambiano               CEA1, HDA, MDR1 Mutated Homozygous



2xBIS (Specialty), 1xBOG3rd, 2xBOG4th, 12xBOB, 12xCACIB, 15xCAC, 1xRCACIB, 3xRCAC

TOP ROUGH COLLIE IN GREECE 2010 & 2011according to the Greek Kennel Club's point system.

Zeus' Achievements

Zeus' Pedigree


Zeus in the main ring.  Effortless movement and a joy to show.

As if it were not enough she gave me my Karma, Maria Teresa Garabelli entrusted me with her magnificent Zeus.  He has already sired several beautiful litters in Italy and I look forward to having a litter by Karma & Zeus here in Greece.

He is a joy to move in the ring.  Effortless movement, covering the ground with ease.  He's partially the reason I've taken up gym - I have to be able to keep up with him.  Maybe I should also take up jogging - he'd make an excellent jogging companion!

Ingledene Power of Dreams "Yogi"                                       Ingledene Late Night Legend X Ingledene Miss U Nites

 co-owned with Lambros Karasoulas

 Yogi's Pedigree


Yogi was entrusted to us by Valerie and John Geddes (Ingledene).  We only hope we can do justice to the trust they have shown us.  He is a well balanced lad with plenty of energy and a wonderful temperament.  He is a natural in the ring and has brought much joy to our lives with his happy, loving personality.   Thank you Val & John...

GR Ch. Christie 1997 - 2004



Christie's Achievements


Christie was the real reason I started showing.  I got her when she was around one years old, an abused dog.  She was fearful of people, noises, everything.  The dog shows served as part of her socialization process.  She never overcame her fear of noise but she did overcome her fear of people.  From a dog which fled and hid from people, she became a dog which was the first to greet guests at the door, play fearlessly with other dogs and a dog you can take anywhere without causing any problems. 

It was a very hard blow to lose her to cancer of the intestine.  But, at least, I have the consolation that with us, she led a happy life as leader of our pack.


Nala 1996 - 2009

Nala may have not conformed to the breed standard but she had a temperament which any collie would be proud to emulate.  A proud dog, fearless, with a heart of gold.  I hope there is plenty of running room over the Rainbow Bridge - Christie and Nala did so love to play chase.  At least Nala is in good company - reunited with Christie and Snowy. Gallery


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