'Snowy's Legacy' 
 dedicated to breeding sound 
 PONs and Rough Collies


GR Ch. Snowy 1995 - 2008

1xBVS2nd, 2xBOB, 2xCACIB, 5xCAC, 1xRCAC

Snowy's Achievements


Snowy was there by my side through some of the most difficult times of my life:  during the loss of my mother, my divorce and my struggle with pneumonia.  If that were not enough, she instinctively knew that I am useless in training my dogs - so she took it upon herself to teach them everything she knew.  Each new dog that came into the family she treated as she did her own offspring.  I have been blessed with numerous wonderful dogs, but there was - and there will always be - only one Snowy.

 Despite being acquired from a shelter, she managed to get BOB several times and also managed to be 2nd Best Veteran in Show.  However, her greatest achievement was to teach all those who  met her the true meaning of love.

She was the very first dog I ever owned, the dog after which all else came.  I will always love you Snowy.

GR Ch. Krajan z Gangu Dlugich ("Barney")  1999 - 2010

2xBOG3rd, 11xBOB, 12xCAC, 11xCACIB

Barney's Achievements


My lifelong gratitude to Andrzej Stepinski (Oligarchia Kennel, Poland) for sending me my Barney - a superb Nizinny.  True to his breed, he is resilient, devoted, intelligent and I know that he would give his life to protect me.  Apart from being a wonderful companion, Barney gave me my first true thrills in the Ring.  Many times BOB, he has also been placed twice BOG2 and twice BOG3.  No easy feat considering the competition at the time.  However, one cannot expect anything less from the son of Premier Oligarchia...

Thank you Andrzej.  You not only sent me a Champion Showdog, but a Champion Companion.

Zorba z Gangu Dlugich ("Zucci"co-owned with Sophia Skoura)


After all the wins I got with Barney, I got greedy.  Barbara Larska (z Gangu Dlugich Kennel, Poland) sent me a BEAUTIFUL lad who was able to rival Barney in the ring.  However, he was not meant to have the career Barney had.  Although he could have given Barney a serious run for his money, he is content being the devoted companion of his co-owner.  Thank you Barbara for sending me such a fantastic boy. 


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